Landscape Photography Workshop- November 18th, 19th, & 20th 2016


Learn To Capture Beautiful Landscape Photos-  Photography Workshops

The Tahoe Basin is home to some of the best landscapes in the United States for being a photographer.

Join Professional landscape photographer, Jeremy Jensen, for one of his in-depth workshops to learn everything you’ll need to know, including:

Donner Lake East End Sunset


Each workshop will be 5-6 hours long depending on the number of participants. The workshops will fill up at ten people, five are needed for the workshop to officially take place.


Each workshop will begin indoors in a conference room. We’ll be going over:

  1. Introduction- Introduce yourself to the group, tell us what brought you.
  2. Gear- Taking a look at your gear while showing you mine and why I use it.
  3. Settings- Go over your camera’s settings and how to adjust accordingly.
  4. Image Slide- What to expect to see on your camera
  5. Editing- I’ll show you how to edit your images prior to ever going out

Out In The Field

Once we’re done inside, we’ll carpool together to the location (TDB). Here we’ll take 1-2 hours shooting the landscape and dialing in how to get your exposure, focus, and composition correct.



What Kind Of Gear You’ll Need

The quality of your gear will go a long way in how your photos will turn out. However, most DSLR’s are capable of capturing the landscapes effectively. I recommend bringing:


Cost & Payment Options

The cost for this workshop is $250. I accept PayPal, cash, or checks. I will need to receive your payment prior to guaranteeing your spot, otherwise you can arrive at the workshop to see if there are still spots open.

Contact & Reservations

Feel free to contact me by phone or email to either reserve a spot, or to ask me any questions prior to making the reservation. The workshop will begin at 4pm each day and let out around 9pm.